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Why shop at deflamenco.com?

  • DeFlamenco is a cultural magazine specialized in flamenco which came into being in February of 2001.  At Deflamenco.com we publish information daily about concert agendas, news, show reviews, interviews…  We put up videos, maintain a listing of courses and have the only guide to flamenco with more than 4,000 flamenco websites throughout the world.
  • It is also a specialized shop of flamenco items with an extensive catalogue (more than 4,000 products) of flamenco records, DVDs, books, teaching methods, guitar sheet music, castanets, etc., that cannot be found in the big stores and multinationals.  Many items are from independent recording companies or those of the artists themselves who may have been excluded from commercial labels.
  • At conventional shops and department stores, only those records are stocked which are commercially viable or new, without regard for the cultural or artistic value of many products that make up the catalogue of flamenco, as these items lack commercial interest.  At Deflamenco.com we are committed to flamenco, and make a big effort to maintain the most complete catalogue possible.
  • Highly competitive prices: please, before purchasing anything, compare with other shops.  Shopping via internet is not more expensive.  We strive to maintain competitive prices all year long, not only during certain campaigns or for certain products.
  • Immediate availability to fill your order on 90% of the catalogue.  At DeFlamenco.com we try to maintain all products in stock.  When placing an order, the customer knows the availability of each item and the average delivery time in the event something is not in stock.  Made-to-order items require a manufacturing process which the customer will be informed of every step of the way.
  • Loyalty system: Bonus discount system.  For each purchase you make, you get a discount on the next one which will often allow you to save shipping costs.
  • When you shop at Deflamenco.com, you help support our magazine of flamenco information making it possible to continue offering you more and better services free of charge.  We like you to keep in mind that we aren’t merely a shop, but are committed to flamenco.
  • Dissemination:  DeFlamenco.com is an international showcase for flamenco records, DVDs or any other product related to flamenco, all referenced in our shop and magazine, allowing all fans to be fully informed about what’s going on in the world of flamenco.

On-line purchase

  • Shopping on-line at DeFlamenco.com is very easy.  Locating products via the menus, submenus and categories, as well as the internal search engine is simple.  If you know what you’re looking for, just entering the name of the artist, record, book or other product, you’ll find a selection that will surely correspond to your needs.  Our motto is “Find the Flamenco”, there’s no need to look for it, at DeFlamenco.com you find it.
  • Usually, when you search for items related to flamenco using Google or other search engines, our references are well-positioned and you can go directly to the products you are looking for.
  • To make your purchase, just put the merchandise in your shopping basket, follow the required steps (identification, shipping address, shipping options, method of payment) and your order will be complete.

Shopping by phone or email.

  • DeFlamenco.com has its on-line shop, but behind the curtains there are people working to give you the best service.  If you wish, you may place your order by telephone and we’ll take you through the process step by step.    Consult business hours.
  • Of course sometimes it’s easier to just send us an email indicating the products you wish to purchase, the shipping address, method of payment and preferred means of shipping and we’ll take care of everything.  Send your order to tienda@deflamenco.com 


  • The currency of our on-line shop is the EURO, DeFlamenco.com is located in Spain and this is what we use.  Prices are shown in Euros and will appear in U.S. dollars reflecting the most updated exchange rate.


  • Internet safety is a prime concern, and DeFlamenco.com takes it very seriously.  Our web uses SSL protocol on all pages where data is being processed, whether it be order identification, shipping details, etc., all of which is transmitted in code via a Geotrust certificate that guarantees the process.
  • All data supplied by customers is handled in accordance with current legislation and the Spanish LOPD.
  • The payment systems we use are independent of our computer system.  Credit card payments (VISA, MASTERCARD…) are handled directly by SERMEPA who collect data, always in a secure way and check the cardholder’s identity according to each card’s system.  PAYPAL data is managed in the same way.  DeFlamenco only receives the confirmation or denial of the payment, we NEVER have access to sensitive data, much less store it in our server.  The independent handling of payment is a guarantee, both for the customer and for us of proper utilization of the data.  You should not trust websites that ask you to fill in your credit card information directly.

Shipping methods and time

  • All orders are shipped the following business day after the order is placed, provided the items are in stock.  When placing the order, the customer is immediately informed of the availability of the products and time frame for restocking or made-to-order items when necessary.  DeFlamenco.com will immediately notify of possible shipping errors and/or delays.
  • PREPARATION time for the order is clearly indicated at the moment of purchase.
  • Delivery time is calculated from the time the order is shipped, not from when the order is placed, and items are sent the following business day once we have all the corresponding products.
  • In Spain:

o    POST OFFICE. Package in 48/72 hours, post office pick-up.  This is an economical and safe method, you can pick up your package directly at your local post-office 48 hours after it is sent.

o    POST OFFICE.  Package in 48/72 hours, home delivery.  The post-office will deliver your package at home in two or three days.

o    ZELERIS.  24-hour shipment.  Zeleria delivers the following day before 7:00pm. Home delivery. Choose this option if there will be someone at home to receive the order.  It is advised to provide a second address where someone will definitely be present during normal work hours.

  • In Europe:

o    POST OFFICE.  Allow 3 to 8 days for delivery depending on the destination country.

o    SEUR INTERNATIONAL.  Courier service.  24-hour delivery in most countries. When the order is placed the shipping time is indicated.

  • Rest of the world:

o    POST OFFICE.  Allow 5 to 15 days shipping time, depending on the destination country.  You must also allow time for customs procedures which may vary from one country to another.

o    SEUR INTERNATIONAL.  Courier service.  Between 48 and 96 hours, depending on the destination country.  You must also allow time for customs procedures which may vary from one country to another.

DELIVERY TIME!Is counted from the moment the order is shipped, not from when you place the order.  If everything on your order is available, the package will be sent the following business day, and you will receive notification via email along with the tracking code.  The post-office does not guarantee delivery times, so time is approximate.
SHIPPING COST!  Very competitive prices which are calculated according to the estimated weight of the order, the destination and chosen shipping method.  Before giving your data, you can find out the various options and cost.  On the order page this information appears before you identify yourself.

Payment methods

  • C.O.D. (Spain only).  When you receive your order you must pay the postman (if the shipment was via the post-office) or messenger (if it was via Zeleria).  We will inform you when to expect the order so that you can have the exact amount prepared since delivery personnel do not usually carry change.

* If you choose this method of payment, you must confirm the order by phone or email.

** On certain made-to-order items we may request 50% payment of the total in advance.

*** There is a shipping surcharge of 2.5 Euros.

  • Bank transfer (only valid for Spain and the European Community). When you place your order, we’ll give you the BBVA bank account number to make the deposit or transfer.  We will also inform you via email of data related to the order.

* This method of payment may delay the ORDER PREPARATION.  In Spain a transfer is confirmed in one or two days, and from outside Spain it can be as much as 2 to 5 days.  As soon as we receive the payment we will proceed with the PREPARATION and shipping, or commission the workshop to manufacture the item.

  • CREDIT CARD – TPV: Secure payment with Banco Sabadell’s Virtual TPV, Secure Server SSL.  VISA, Maestro, Mastercard.  Your credit card data is not stored in any sort of database, the entire process is independent and out of our control.  Credit cards must have an associated confirmation process with the issuing bank.  The acceptance or rejection of your card is decided through the administrative process of the customer’s credit card.
  • PAYPAL:  Paypal is the most popular payment system on Internet, fast, safe and free-of-charge.  If you belong to Paypal you can pay directly from your email.  If you are not a member, you can safely make payment with your credit card, without the need to register at Paypal: choose the option to make payment without registering.  Sometimes the payment is received correctly, but the status of the order does not update automatically at DeFlamenco.com, so you might receive an email informing CARD PAYMENT ERROR, but the important thing is the email we receive from PAYPAL confirming payment.  After confirmation of payment, your order proceeds to the status IN PREPARATION.

* All types of credit cards accepted, depending on the country where payment is being made.


Shops, schools, libraries, associations…

DeFlamenco.com offers shops, schools, libraries, cultural centers and associations the possibility to make wholesale purchases of all the products from its on-line catalogue.

  • We have more than 4,000 products related to flamenco: CDs, DVDs, books, musical instruments, cajón, castanets, professional and amateur dance shoes, costumes, skirts, tops, dress, accessories and made-to-order items.
  • Professional attention every step of the way.
  • Global shipping with the most economical rates on the market, with the shortest shipping time and guaranteed delivery.
  • Unified orders (we work directly with the suppliers).
  • Commercial advice (we are familiar with flamenco products, have been selling on-line worldwide for six years and have more than 15 years experience in the flamenco sector).

Applicable discounts depend on the type of product, the volume of the purchase and order background with our shop.  Request information at:  info@deflamenco.com

Customs and taxes

  • European Community (UE).  Taxes are included in the prices indicated, all orders arrive with no additional charges.
  • Outside the European Community (including Canary Islands). Prices may be subject to customs fees, depending on the type of product and the policies of each destination.  We have no way of knowing what additional taxes may be charged at the destination.  Normally, for packages weighing less than 2 kg (about 4.5 lbs), and with a small declared value, additional taxes are not charged. In any case, the recipient is responsible for any possible additional charges.

Bonus discount system

  • Every purchase accumulates discount bonuses to use towards the following order.  The main idea behind the bonuses is to avoid shipping expenses on the next purchase.  Prices of products are not increased to make the bonus possible, our prices are the most competitive on Internet.

On-line order tracking

  • At DeFlamenco you can check the status of your orders and communicate with us.  We will advise of anything with respect to the order.  You need only identify yourself with the email and code you used to register (if you registered), in order to have access to order information.

Guarantees and returns policy

  • By law you have 7 days from receipt of the order to return the merchandise.
  • There may be various reasons for returning goods:
  • Defective or erroneous products
  • In this case, you must inform of the problem by phone or email (Customer service), indicating the order reference and detailing the problem.
  • As soon as it is confirmed we have made en error, we will explain the return process.  DeFlamenco.com will assume all costs of return and replacement of the articles in the briefest possible time.
  • Voluntary return or dissatisfaction with the order.
  • You must contact us to indicate that you wish to return goods and we will explain what you must do.  The customer pays return shipping.  We will not accept returns sent via freight C.O.D.
  • Items susceptible to being copied cannot be returned: CDs, DVDs, books… Take this into account if the item has been unsealed.
  • MADE-TO-ORDER products such as shoes, skirts, dresses, fabric, etc. cannot be returned because they are made to specifications of size or color.
  • During the purchase process, there are clear instructions about how to take measurements in order to get the right sizes, for this reason we cannot accept returns that result from choosing the wrong size.
  • Refunds will be made in the same way as the original payment, and are processed as soon as the returned merchandise is received, provided it arrives in perfect condition and still sealed.


Customer service

C/ Monte Negrillo, 6
Email: tienda@deflamenco.com 


+34 699300533

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