Guitarra Flamenca vol. 1. SOLEÁ. DVD + CD

Manuel Salado, Manolo Franco



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Content: 1 CD + 1 DVD
Year of publication: 2006

Multi-system DVD, compatible with NTSC and PAL. Suitable for use in all countries.
Languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German and Chinese.
Length of the DVD: 55 minutes, approximately.
Length of the CD: 60 minutes, approximately.

"Guitarra Flamenca" is a didactic guitar method that is exhaustive and tackles some key issues ranging from the posture of the tocaor (flamenco guitarist) to the transcription of the palos that are performed into musical score and guitar tab, while it also explains the meter, the tonality, the basic chords of the style that is being studied and the positioning of the capo.

Directed by Manuel Salado and performed by Manolo Franco, it looks at both the discipline of solo, or concert, guitar playing and guitar playing as vocal accompaniment, and it has been developed for all those wishing to get started in the world of the flamenco guitar, or who wish to improve and perfect their skills.

This volume is entirely devoted to the SOLEá. It is composed by a DVD and a CD. In the DVD a complete version of a composition in this palo (flamenco form), for the solo guitar and vocal accompaniment alike. It also features the piece, broken up into falsetas (melodic phrases interspersed between successions of chords) and technique exercises. In the case of vocal accompaniment, students also have the option of listening to a version the piece without the guitar playing (so that they can accompany the singing themselves) and another version without singing (so that they may act as a second guitar).

The CD offers the complete version of the concert guitar and vocal accompaniment (with percussion) tracks. The following tracks feature the basic rhythm of the palo, with the guitar and percussion at slow speed, medium speed and fast speed. Afterwards, the basic rhythm returns, accompanied by percussion -without guitar playing-, again at three different speeds. All of these options give students different possibilities for practising with their guitar.

It also includes a bookled, in six languages, which contains a glossary of flamenco terms.

CD 1

1 H Soleá de Concierto

2 Soleá de Acompañamiento al Cante

3 Soleá de Acompañamiento al Cante. Sin cante

4 Soleá de Acompañamiento al Cante. Sin guitarra

5 Ritmo de Soleá lento con guitarra y percusión

6 Ritmo de Soleá medio con guitarra y percusión

7 Ritmo de Soleá rápido con guitarra y percusión Ritmo de Soleá rápido con guitarra y percusión

8 Ritmo de Soleá lento con percusión

9 Ritmo de Soleá medio con percusión

10 Ritmo de Soleá rápido con percusión


1 Guitarra de concierto: Palo completo

2 Guitarra de concierto: Ejercicios de falsetas

3 Guitarra de concierto: Ejercicios de técnica

4 Guitarra de acompañamiento: Palo completo

5 Guitarra de acompañamiento: sin voz

6 Guitarra de acompañamiento: sin guitarra

Manuel Salado, Manolo Franco

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