Aprende y Practica el acompañamiento por Sevillanas

José Manuel Montoya

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Learn and practise accompanying the SEVILLANAS

This DVD explains the accompanying the SEVILLANAS and also gives the opportunity of practise it.

Script and Flamenco Guitar: Jose Manuel Montoya

Curro Cueto: Cante y flute
Marcos Parra: Cajón
Marisa Sánchez: Baile and palmas
Mª Jesús Humanes: Baile and palmas
David García Llave: Palmas and Zambomba
Rafael Fernández: Palmas

200 minutes
5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese.
Includes score booklet (56 pages).

DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).
Refference: DVD-Sevillanas

Five cameras record the whole process. When the group is playing, it is possible to access to different set ups: one set up for the group, and other set up for the guitar.

The student allways can have both guitar hands on the screen
Leran the accompanying the Sevillanas: Explanation of the strumming techniques, the timing and rhythmic cycle of the Sevillanas. All at two possible speeds (slow and normal), along with practical exercises. At slow speed the voice is replaced by a flute. A wide repertoire of Sevillanas are performed in the most common keys.

DVD contents:
Exercises and strumming
The Call "Llamadas"
Sevillanas Am
Sevillanas A
Sevillanas Em
Sevillanas E
Sevillanas E frigio
Sevillanas A frigio

Every of each four parts of each Sevillana is played with different melodies, then we get the study of 24 different kind of Sevillanas.

Practise the accompanying the Sevillanas: At all stages the sound of the guitar can be muted so that you can practise accompanying the group (singing, clapping and percussion).

Includes music notation (cifra and solfa) of all the exercises and sevillanas played
press to see a sample

Ejemplos video.

Sevillana exhibition with dance

One explanation of the strumming techniques

Sevillana at normal speed. All components Vídeo and Sound

Sevillana at normal speed. Only guitar Vídeo and all Sound

Sevillana at normal speed. Vídeo and Sound without guitar

Sevillana at slow speed (with flute). All components Vídeo and Sound

Sevillana at slow speed (with flute). Only guitar Vídeo and Sound

Sevillana at slow speed (with flute).Vídeo and Sound without guitar

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