Flamenco Sketches Flamenco graphic Anthology

José Giménez del Pueblo & David Serva

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Flamenco Sketches Flamenco graphic Anthology

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The complete Flamenco series is made of two graphic sets: one is "the whole," generic essence to the genre, with four color variations to incude what I consider its four basic elements: voice, guitar, dance and "context". The other set consists of "the parts". By this, I mean each one of the 80 musical styes, witch are graphically presented in alphabetical order.

If one takes the time to look at them as images wich are part of a series, it becomes clear that the graphic solutions are unique to each musical style, but then it is also evident thant they were done over a long period of time.

This collection of 80 (by two) images presents my personal proposal for a graphic anthology of The Flamenco styles, a series which I call "Apuntes del Flamenco", Antología Gráfica del Flamenco.



01. Arroyo en verano (Fandangos de Huelva)
02. Flor de Venus (Granaínas / Malagueñas)
03. Memoria de Sefarad (Peteneras)
04. Mimbre  (Tientos / Tangos)
05. Tirabuzones (Cantiñas)
06. Calle del reloj (Siguiriyas)
07. Llanos manchegos (Soleá por bulerías)
08. Callaíco (Cantes de Levante)
09. De la fragua (Tonás)
10. Los olivos (Fandangos personales)
11. Imprenta (Tangos de Málaga)
12. La horquillita (Soleares)

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