Ole Swing "Sueño gitano" (CD)

Ole Swing

OLE SWING lo han vuelto a hacer. Derribando fronteras. Borrando límites, Imaginando mundos imposibles. Atreviéndose a soñar. Y tú ¿te atreves?

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01. El Gallito
02. Soy minero
03. Mi jaca     
04. María de la O - con Eva Durán
05. Sevilla     
06. Recuerdos de la Alhambra     
07. Dos gardenias
08. El Relicario
09. Capricho Árabe
10. Volando Voy - con Antonio Carmona

OLE SWING are unique. The only ones who have dared to explore the roads linking the Gypsy music from France and Spain. Or, in other words: Le Swing Manouche going Flamenco. The spirits of Django Reinhardt and Paco de Lucía improvising together in a nonstop swingin’ party. The best of two worlds as close as distant…

“Swing Ibérico” (Youkali Music, 2013), their wonderful debut record, was an absolute shock in the Spanish Jazz Scene. A real swingin’ storm, combining Gypsy Jazz’s rhythmic fever with a powerful repertoire of Spanish melodies, basically from Andalucía: Copla (Flamenco’s little sister), Flamenco, Pasodoble and even Classical tunes, magically turned into glittering pieces of irresistible Parisian Swing ... with a Spanish soul.

Now, “Sueño Gitano” (Youkali Music, 2015), their new album, presents a band in a spectacular way state, more danceable, passionate, original & hotter than ever. OLE SWING are now the owners of a truly unique and personal sound which crystallized definitively the invisible ties between Gypsy/Gitano music from both sides of the Pirinees. Parisian Swingin’ in a Flamenco mood. Just pure joy. You’ll got to hear it to believe it…

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