Las castañuelas (the castanets) . 2 DVD didactic

Manuel Salado

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Multizone DVD compatible with all countries (NTSC and PAL)

Duration: 135 minutes.
Languages: Spanish, English and Japanese.

"Las castañuelas" (The Castanets) is a definitive guide to playing castanets.

Learning method directed by Manuel Salado, author of other flamenco DVDs like "El baile flamenco" and "Guitarra flamenca". With the technical advice of Juan Vela of Castañuelas el Sur.

Ideal for beginners.

The 2 DVDs offer a simple teaching method for learning castanets and sevillanas dance with castanets. This combination together with audiovisual technology make this collection a real teaching academy of castanets.

DVD 1: Mainly deals with castanets techniques.

Block 1
Exercises and techniques for Castanets.

Block 2
Playing sevillanas castanets.

Block 3
Sevillanas dance steps.

DVD 2: Is divided into four blocks concentrating on sevillanas dancing and castanets accompaniment.

Block 1
Footwork exercises:
These exercises focus on footwork for Sevillanas, for both women and men, dividing each sevillana in four blocks, Melody, 1st third, 2nd third and chorus.

Block 2
These are arm exercises for both women and men, with castanet accompaniment. These exercises are also divided in four blocks, melody, 1st third, 2nd third and chorus. With each of the foot or arm exercises there is an analysis of the rhythm, thus understanding the structure of sevillanas.

Block 3
Dance technique with couple. Dividing each sevillana in four blocks, Melody, 1st third, 2nd third and chorus.

Block 4
Sevillanas couple dancing.
Once you have studied this learning method you will have mastered sevillanas dancing and castanets playing.

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0 Toques de Castañuelas por Sevillanas

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